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Kevin's all time favorite movie was The Sandlot, and his favorite quote from The Babe: "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."  Kevin always followed his heart in his daily life.  His heart was filled with exuberance, kindness, understanding and love for everyone.  He literally would give the shirt off his back, or the food he was eating, if he saw a person in need.  What a rarity and blessing to find a young person that was so very compassionate and caring of those around him.  Kevin's legendary and undying example of love and compassion continues through the projects of the Kevin Garcia Foundation.


As we continue to spread our message of #LoveLikeKevin throughout the community, we need your support.  Our goal to help more children in need: whether we give a gift of joy for the holidays, stock a pantry with daily necessities for a family, or provide a life changing medical procedure for a child, depends on the very generous support of kind hearted individuals and corporate sponsors like you.

KG4 little Legends members are special heroes who commit to giving a one time annual donation of $2000 or more - giving gifts of hope & joy, supporting year round projects and helping make a bigger difference in the lives of needy children in our community.  As a thank you for becoming a KG4 little Legend member you receive:

  1. Free admission to all our events throughout the year and two drink tickets, and

  2. A #LoveLikeKevin t-shirt & KG4 lapel pin

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